Cheryl Horne



Very successful run in June playing Clairee to Dawn Wells’ Ouiser in Steel Magnolias at Alhambra Theatre & Dining in Jacksonville Florida.  Dawn and I worked together many years ago at the old Limestone Valley Dinner Theatre.  We were a good team then and I’m happy to say we picked up right where we left off.  Had a great time doing this beautiful play.  From Broadway World: “Clairee is played by Cheryl Horne, who made her Alhambra debut in this role. Horne delivers a light-hearted southern charm necessary to Clairee’s character, and I hope she graces the Alhambra stage again!”

In January I was privileged to play Prudence in Columbia Stages’ production of Camino Real at the Connelly Theatre here in New York.  The very talented Matt Trucano directed, and the experience was a joy from start to finish.

I’ve also completed a few short films already this year.  Lost in Brooklyn, directed by Tim Wood, is a beautiful short film about the relationship between a woman with Alzheimer’s (me) and her daughter.  It’s a subject dear to my heart and the film is destined for the festival circuit, screening at the Chain NYC Festival on August 10th!


Oh my, it’s Student Film season and I have starred in three short films in the past two months!  First came The Good Boy, directed by Jakob Saksofsky-Berck, followed by Ellis Kaan Ozem’s An Unusual Sofra, and rounding out the season we have Shakira Walks, directed by Connor McVay.  All of them are festival-worthy efforts, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming screenings!

And right in the middle of all that, I played Momma in the short play, Larry At The Gaza Strip Club, one of the offerings in Artistic New Directions’ short play festival, Boxers & Briefs.  Momma is a horny old boozer, so it was quite a departure from the usual sweet old lady.  In fact there was one evening when I ran out onto 54th Street in full “sexy drag”, jumped in the car and changed on the trip out to East Hampton for The Good Boy’s night shoot!

Show business is my life!

WINTER 2015-2016

Rounding out the year, I played Anfisa in a production of The Three Sisters at Columbia University.  This lovely production was directed by Palina Jonsdottir.  The play has been dear to my heart since I was introduced to it in my own college days, so this project was a joy from start to finish.

FALL 2015

It’s been a fun summer.  In June I shot a video for WebMD’s Medscape site.

And this semester I started working with the film students at the School of Visual Arts, acting in projects with directors, writers and cinematographers, as well as student films. I’m very excited about this program and have completed a couple of very interesting improvs for the documentary film students.


It’s been a busy summer.  In early August, I played two roles in “The Land of the Astronauts” by Horton Foote at Horton by the Stream, an outdoor theatre in Tannersville, NY.  And later in the month I was hired for an episode of Alpha House, the Amazon streaming series starring John Goodman!  Had a great day on set as Senator #3, working with Mr. Goodman and Wanda Sykes.  It’s episode #207, in Season 2.

And since the Internet goes on forever, I can still be seen in two Onion News Network videos as Congresswoman Sandra Schulz.


The Other Woman was released, causing my iMDB Star Meter to jump…and causing old friends to scream out, “My God, that’s Cheryl!” in movie theaters all over the country.  My character is called Woman in Restroom (even though I’m actually sitting at a bar…).


I’ll be appearing in 20th Century Fox’s film, “The Other Woman”, due for release in 2014. It was directed by Nick Cassavetes and I appear as an eavesdropping woman in a scene with Leslie Mann.



Mourning Becomes Electra

“Chief among Chain Lightning’s assets is Cheryl Horne as Lavinia Mannon, the ‘Electra’ of the title, with a glare of Puritan recititude that gorgons would die for.”
NY Daily News

“Funereal and rigid, Cheryl Horne plays perfectly the woman with repressed passions that flare at unexpected moments. No reaction is inappropriate, yet all are unexpected.”
The Westsider

Uncle Vanya

“…and the focus is still, ultimately, Elena (Cheryl Horne), who is played in this production with such stunning, glorious intensity that Horne’s performance threatens to engulf the surroundings.”
The Insider